Author: P.D. Eastman

6 to 11 Months Concept

This little board book is perfect in shape and size for infants on the go. Take it with you when you visit the doctor, the grocery store, or Grandma’s house. It’s a short, simple rhyming book with illustrations that will appeal to your infant now and as she grows into toddlerhood.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

You might put on a hat and scarf just like the dog on the front of the book! Show your child the illustration of the dog on the cover of the book and point out the hat and scarf. Then, let your baby look at and feel the hat on your head and the scarf around your neck. 

Phonological Awareness

Read the book rhythmically so that your infant is exposed to the rhythm and rhyme.  Exposure to rhyming text is an important first step to help your baby develop an awareness of rhyming. 

Oral Language

Take time to discuss the illustrations. Watch to see where your baby looks on each page. Start talking about the things that catch her eye and are of interest to her. 

Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

Place the book on the floor when your baby is sitting or lying on her tummy. Let her explore the book on her own. She might start to open the pages, open and shut the book, drop it and pick it up, and study the pictures. All of these early behaviors are helping her to become a reader!

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