Author: Smriti Prasadam

Birth to 5 Months Predictable Text

You and your baby can say “Hello” to 10 adorable black-and-white animals in this simply illustrated board book. Each page has a small amount of colored foil on the picture, giving a nice visual contrast to the black-and-white patterns. The animals are named in a two-word greeting on each page and smaller descriptive words of noises related to the picture (such as munch and clop) just add to the fun.

Before, During and After Reading

Get comfortable. Position your baby comfortably in your lap and let baby feel and explore the book, if he's interested. Make eye contact with your baby as you read the story.

Touch the animals as you read the text and make their sounds. Listen and look for your baby’s responses (noises, hand flapping, kicking) to the pictures and the sound of your voice.

Touch the foil sections on each page to direct your baby’s attention to the color. You can name the objects that are foil in the picture as well.


Repeat phrases that were in the book. When your baby wakes up in the morning or after a nap, greet your baby by name and a “Hello,” just as in the book. Notice your baby’s response to your smile and greeting. Continue to say hello to baby’s things as a fun way to name objects for her. For example, Hello, socks!

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