Author: Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers

5-Year-Olds Concept

Finding the right words to label our emotions can be hard, especially for young children. In this book, fruits and vegetables show feelings and words to help children understand how they and how others feel.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Discuss the title of the story. Explain that the title, How Are You Peeling, is a way the author played with words. Open the book to the inside cover. Look at the pictures of the fruits and vegetables and talk about how they have been peeled to make each fruit and vegetable look like they have different expressions, emotions and feelings. Identify the different feelings, moods and emotions that you see and begin to create a list of feeling words.


Phonological Awareness

Identify syllables in words. Explain to your child that words are made up of parts, or syllables. Each time you come to a feeling word, pause, say the word slowly, and see if your child can guess the word. Invite your child to make a movement and change his facial expression as you say the word slowly together. For example, for the word "excited," your child might have an excited expression while jumping three times. For the word "mad," your child could stomp his foot while showing a mad or angry facial expression.  

Beginning Writing and Letter Knowledge

Create a “How Are You Feeling” book with your child. Take pictures of your child making his own facial expressions to reflect the words or emotions on the list you created before the story. Print the pictures and have your child label each picture with the “feeling” word. Depending on your child’s ability level, the label may be just the first sound of the word (e.g., ‘s’ for silly), a complete sentence (e.g., I am making a silly face), or somewhere in between. See the reading activity Right now, I feel . . . for more ideas.

For more books about emotions, see Yesterday I Had the Blues

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