5-Year-Olds Nonfiction

Caring for a chronically ill child can take a tremendous toll on the whole family. This informative book was written by a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile (or Type 1) Diabetes at the age of four. It will help children and adults understand everyday life issues associated with this condition.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

If your child has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, you and your family will want to learn all you can. Let your child and siblings know that this book will help them better understand this serious condition.  


Oral Language

It is important to honestly communicate at the child’s level of understanding, in order to help him adjust to this serious medical condition. Read the story slowly, taking time to answer your child’s questions and listen to his fears and worries. You will likely need to explain again and again what is happening and to answer his questions.

As you read, let your child to know that he (or his sibling or friend) is sick and will be getting lots of care. The hospital and the treatment may feel frightening, but they're part of helping your child feel better. This book can help you explain the condition and its treatment in a way your child can understand.

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