Author: Annie Kubler

18 to 23 Months Poetry/SongsPredictable Text

A new twist on an old song, this book features children who use simple sign language to sing along. Adorable drawings of multicultural children will guide you word by word.

Before, During and After Reading

Phonological Awareness

Sing the song “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” As you sing, clap each word of the song. See if your child will join in.

Oral Language

Talk to your child about the title, author, illustrator, the front cover and what he thinks the story will be about. You might say:  

The title of this book is Itsy Bitsy Spider, just like the song we sing. Annie Kubler drew the pictures in this book. What do you see on the front of this book? I see a little boy with a toy spider. What do you think this book will be about? Do you think it might be about a spider?  Let’s find out!

Oral Language

  • Ask questions that encourage your child to respond by pointing or touching a picture or answering a simple question such as, Where is the spider? What color are the boots? or Can you touch the umbrella?
  • Relate the story to your child’s own experiences. For example, You wear a hat just like this one when we go out in the sun.

Letter Knowledge

  • Use the sign language provided at the end of the story and sing the song again. Look back through the book and use the hand motions on each page to show your child how to move his hands to match the words of the song.

Beginning Writing

  • Go outside and look for a spider web. Talk about the lines and curves that create the design of the web. Give your child a piece of unlined paper and crayons and invite him to draw a web that a spider might make. Provide a black or brown marker and encourage your child to draw an itsy bitsy spider on the web.

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