Author: Mick Inkpen

4-Year-Olds Concept

Take your child on an amusing alphabet adventure with Kipper and his little friend, Arnold.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge

Give your child a pointer or magnifying glass. Ask her to point to and name as many letters on the cover as she can.

Letter Knowledge

As you read each page, point to the featured letter. Periodically ask your child to look at the rest of the page and point to the featured letter. You might say:

This is the letter Aa. Use your pointer and point to the letter Aa wherever you see it on this page. Let’s count how many times you see the letter A.

As you go through the book, ask your child to hunt for some of the letter characters. For example, the caterpillar appears on nine pages. Can she find all of them?

Letter Knowledge

Connect to your child’s name. Print her name on a piece of paper or an index card. See if she can find each of the letters of her name somewhere in the book. How many times can she find each letter?

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