Author: Natalie Boyd

6 to 11 Months Concept

Entertain your baby with engaging photos of things in his world with this oversized board book by Priddy Books. As he gets older, the lift-the-flap feature will add a new element of surprise.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Look at the cover of the book with your baby and talk about the photos. You might also bring some of your baby’s personal items that match those on the cover (e.g., shoes, toy car, teddy bear, sippy cup). Compare your baby’s item with the one shown on the cover. (Look, here is a blue sippy cup on the book cover. You have a sippy cup too! Your sippy cup is red.

Oral Language

Sit with your baby on your lap or next to you as you point to and talk about the pictures. Ask your baby to touch pictures that you name. Some babies at this age may want to feel the pages as you turn them. If your baby is reaching to grab the page, let him! Provide some dialogue while he is holding the page by describing what is on the page or how the page feels.   

Have back and forth conversations with your baby. For example, if your baby starts saying “bababa,” you might find the picture in the book that has a bottle and say, Yes! This is a /b/ /b/ bottle. This is what you use to drink your milk every night. Take advantage of these opportunities to let your child know that his conversations with you are important!

Continue as long as your baby is interested. 

Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

Your child will learn about books, print awareness and letter knowledge through repeated exposure to books. When your baby is playing on the floor or in his crib, make the book available to him for his independent exploration.  He will practice turning the pages and touching the book. 

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