Author: Alice Schertle

24 to 35 Months ConceptPoetry/Songs

The Little Blue Truck is a fun and rhythmic story with a moral. Read it with your child to find out the surprising ending. This one may quickly become a favorite!

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Talk about the book cover. Read the title of the book as you run your finger under the text. Ask your child to touch the truck. See how many animals on the book's cover your child can name.


Phonological Awareness

Rhyming is an important phonological awareness skill. Read this book to your child using a rhythmic tempo, placing emphasis on the rhyming words. Just listening to you read this rhyming book will help develop your child’s phonological awareness. No need to do anything more.

Oral Language

Talk about the sounds the animals make. See if your child can touch the animals that make the sounds. Change your voice when the text changes. For example, the word “Honk!” is written in big letters. Use a louder and annoyed voice when reading this page.

Letter Knowledge

Point out the street signs and selected words in the book. Point out the Stop Sign and the Toad Crossing signs in the book. On the last page, the only words are "Beep! Beep! Beep!" This is a great page to point out the difference between words and pictures. You might touch the items and say, Here is a picture of the little blue truck. And here are the words that say Beep! Beep! Beep! Remember that it’s about exposure at this age. Your child is learning as he is listening.

Oral Language

As you go through the day, ask your child questions about the animals in the story. For example, What animal says _____? What sound does the _____ make?

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