Author: Richard Van Camp

Birth to 5 Months Poetry/Songs

New parents will relate to this sentimental board book, with its sweet, loving poem and simple art illustrations. The book describes the joy of welcoming a new baby to the family and watching the child grow during the first year.

Before, During and After Reading

Look for signs that your baby is alert and calm. Position your baby comfortably on your lap and make eye contact with your baby as you read the story. The gentle text makes this an ideal choice of book for calm, quiet times.

As you read the poem, cuddle your baby. You can read the poem or make up your own tune and sing it as a lullaby. Point out pictures of the baby in the book and talk to your baby about them.

Relate to your own family. Tell your baby your own family members’ names often and notice your baby’s responses to the family’s smiles, greetings and cuddles.

Try reading Calm & Soothe and Beddy-Bye, Baby for more sweet, gentle reads. Or, try easy, simple activities to strengthen your infant's pre-reading skills.