Author: Bayne Gibby

18 to 23 Months Poetry/SongsPredictable Text

Family book reading presents a wonderful opportunity to remind your toddler how much you love him. This sweet rhyming book uses adorable illustrations of a mother cat and her baby to show the fun and silly things parents do with their little ones.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Talk about the cover of the book with your toddler. Point out the two cats that are hugging as you talk about the mommy cat and baby cat.

You might say:

Look at these cats hugging! The mommy cat is hugging her baby cat. We like to hug too! I think this story is about how much the mommy cat loves the baby cat.

Read the title and explain to your toddler what it means to “mean the world” to someone.

You might say :

I love you so very much. You are important to me. You mean the world to me!

Oral Language

As you read the story, point out the things the mommy and baby cat do together. There are many opportunities to teach your toddler new words.

You might say:

The mommy cat is teaching her baby how to work in the garden. She is watering the plants so they grow, and the baby is pulling the carrots out of the ground when they are big and orange and ready to be eaten.

The story uses repetition to make some of the lines predictable. Move your finger under the words as you emphasize the line “Because you mean the world to me.” As your toddler hears these lines several times, he will start to be able to “read” along with you at these parts.

Phonological Awareness

The book contains many rhymes. Emphasize the rhyming words so your toddler can hear how the words end with the same sound, making them fun to say.

Beginning Writing

Draw a picture with your toddler. You might say:

Remember how much fun the mommy cat and baby cat had doing an art project? Why don’t we get out some paper and draw pictures together?

Allow your toddler to experiment with holding the crayons, markers or paint and using them to scribble and make lines or shapes on the paper. Talk to him about what he is drawing, encourage him and praise all of his efforts!

Remind your toddler that he means the world to you. Connecting fun activities and warm loving feelings to the stories you read together will help nurture his interest in and love for reading. 

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