Author: Sebastien Braun

18 to 23 Months ConceptStorybooks

As you make reading a regular part of your toddler's day, you'll see her skills continue to grow. This book will spark new ideas for pretend play as your child meets some  colorful characters and sees what amazing things can happen with a little imagination.

Before, During and After Reading

Find a comfy spot where your toddler can sit on your lap or beside you. Take time to read the title and look at the cover illustration. Ask your child who she sees on the front cover and wonder together what the story will be about.

Make it interactive by asking your child to turn the pages and to show you certain details in the illustrations. For example, you might ask, Can you touch Meeow’s red scarf? Help your toddler find and touch parts of the illustrations, when needed.  

Introduce concepts in the book. Talk about the names of the animals, the sounds they make and where the animals usually live. The story and illustrations can also be used to boost your child’s understanding of colors, body parts, friends and pretend play.

Let the book inspire some pretend play. With some items around the house, you and your toddler can recreate some scenes from Meeow’s adventures. Make a train by stringing several shoe boxes together end to end. Then, it’s “All aboard!” Stuffed animals and small toys can be seated on the train, and your toddler can give them a ride on an imaginary railroad track!

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