Author: Karen Katz

12 to 17 Months ConceptPredictable Text

This adorable counting book uses hugs to teach numbers! Fun predictable sentences illustrate a number, an event during the day and a reason for hugs: "One, nuzzle-wuzzle, wake up hug” or “Seven, splishy, splashy, bath tub hugs." Colorful pictures of a typical day will have your baby remembering special times with you and reasons to hug you the whole book through.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Cuddle with your toddler as you look at the pictures on the front cover. Ask your toddler to touch the baby and or the mommy. You might say: The name of the book is Mommy Hugs. Can I give you a nuzzle-wuzzle, wake up hug?

Letter Knowledge

Involve your toddler. Let her hold the book and help turn the pages. After reading a sentence, touch the numeral on the page and give your toddler the same number of hugs, counting as you do. Touch the numeral on the page and count the hearts together.

Oral Language

Relate the story to your child’s life. Encourage her to role play the different situations on each page. Talk about the activities, situations, or feelings that your child may have experienced similar to the baby in the book.

Play games that relate to numbers. Find toys that have numbers on them and bring the numbers to your child’s attention. Look, I see the number 3. Can I give you three hugs? Find opportunities to count. You are playing with your cars. Let’s count them.

Play games that relate to feelings. You might say, Oh no, your toy doggy fell down, can you give her three feel better hugs? One, two, three! She feels all better!

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