Author: Kaori Watanabe

Birth to 5 Months Concept

The blanket-soft covers and satin ribbon tags of this book are designed for tiny hands to touch and grasp. As you open the book, the left side will have one word to name the animal shown. The illustration is textured with soft cloth and raised stitching. On the corresponding page is a printed picture of the same animal -- now sleeping -- and includes the storyline text.

Before, During and After Reading

Get cozy.  Position your baby comfortably in your lap and let baby feel and explore and touch the book if interested.

Introduce your baby to textures and pictures. Touch the animal as you say its name. Create your own words to talk about how soft the animal is and what the animal is doing in the picture.

As your baby grows, read the text on the right side of the book. Continue to touch the animals as you read the words or talk about the pictures. If your baby begins to touch the book, talk to your baby about what he is touching, using words such as “book”, “bunny” or “soft.”

Let your child feel the textures. Place the book near baby during tummy time, so he can feel the textures. During the day, point out other textures your child may experience (e.g., the soft blanket, the wet washcloth).  

Reread the story and talk about the pictures. You can read the book throughout the day, such as during floor play or while your baby is sitting in a bouncy chair. Hold the book up close so your baby can see the pictures and listen and watch you talk.  

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