Author: P. K. Hallinan

18 to 23 Months Poetry/SongsStorybooks

How special it is to spend the day with Mommy! Read about the ordinary and simple ways that this child and his mom share life in ways that develop a loving bond.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge

Track under the print with your finger as you read the title of the book. 

Oral Language

Talk about what the mommy and little boy are doing on the front cover. Point out their happy smiles and the way they touch hands to show their love. 

Talk with your toddler about some of the things that you love to do together. 

Oral Language

Talk about the illustrations. See if your toddler can label or describe what is happening. Relate back to some experiences in your toddler’s own life.   

Beginning Writing

Get some unlined paper and crayons. Tell your child that one of the things that you just love to do with him is to draw pictures. Ask if he wants to draw a picture with you. Have fun drawing together!

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