Author: Sterling Children’s Books

6 to 11 Months NonfictionPredictable Text

Introduce your baby to 26 adorable animals and their sounds with this fun-to-read board book. The simple, repetitive sentences and vibrant photographs in this recommended book will delight your little one.

Before, During and After Reading

Explore the book together. Let your baby hold the book. Talk about the picture on the front cover and read the title by making the animal sounds.

Tell your baby the animals’ names. Touch each animal and ask, What’s this? Say the name of the animal and make the animal sounds with varying pitch and tone. Have fun and be silly! Your baby may try to imitate some of the sounds you are making! When you hear your baby babbling, repeat those sounds back to him. That’s a way to let him know that you are proud of his attempts!

Connect the details of this book with your child’s stuffed animals. As your child plays with toy animals, say the names of the animals and make their sounds. Just have fun with it!

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