Author: Parragon Books Ltd.

Birth to 5 Months Poetry/SongsPredictable Text

Your infant will be enraptured by this version of Old MacDonald and by the adorable cow puppet. This miniature board book is small enough for little hands, and it’s a convenient size for tossing in your diaper bag or purse.

Before, During and After Reading

Help your baby’s eyes focus and track the cow puppet first. Hold your baby comfortably in your lap and position the book close enough so he can see the cow. Make the cow wiggle and dance to draw your baby’s attention to the puppet. Read the title to your baby as you entertain him with the puppet.

Time to sing! Old MacDonald Had a Farm is often sung to a simple tune. As you read each page, the cow puppet remains the star of the show! While your baby is enjoying the puppet show that this book brings, he is also picking up on the rhythm of your voice. Multisensory experiences contribute to brain development, and this book engages the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

When your baby is old enough, use “tummy time” to encourage head control. Place your baby on a blanket and position yourself so you can display the book on the floor in front of your baby. Hold the book upright on the floor and move the cow puppet with your finger as you sing the Old MacDonald cow verse. The sound of your voice and the movement of the puppet are good motivators for your baby to practice important developmental skills like lifting his head and tracking movement with his eyes.

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