Meeow and the Little Chairs

18 to 23 Months ConceptStorybooks

Your toddler‘s skills continue to grow as you make reading a regular part of her day. This book will spark new ideas for pretend play as your child meets these colorful characters and sees what amazing things can happen with a little imagination.

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Are You My Mother?

18 to 23 Months Predictable Text

A baby bird is born while his mother has gone off to find him food. The baby goes out to find his mother but he doesn’t even know what she looks like. Your child will love the determination and bravery of this little bird.

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A Good Day

18 to 23 Months Storybooks

Meet the animals, whose day has started off in an unhappy way. Simple drawings depict sad expressions on faces. See how things turn around for these little animals as they see things from another perspective and end up having A Good Day.

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My Nose, Your Nose

18 to 23 Months ConceptNonfiction

The book has simple, adorable illustrations of children in familiar situations that your child will be able to relate to and talk about. Children will learn that we can look very different but we still have many things in common.

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