Author: Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

12 to 17 Months ConceptPredictable Text

This interactive board book by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle will enchant your toddler from the first reading. Various species of endangered animals are brightly illustrated on sturdy pages that are just right for little hands. As each animal answers the question, What do you see?, your toddler can slide the flap and find the hidden animal.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Include this book as part of your toddler’s bedtime routine. Begin by giving your child a warm, relaxing bath and dressing him in his pajamas. Next, cuddle with him in a comfortable chair and calmly share the book before your baby drifts off to sleep.

Phonological Awareness  

Use a soft, sing-songy voice as you read the book to your toddler. The rhyming verses will be soothing to him, while providing a foundation for learning the sounds of language.

Encourage your child to help you read by sliding the window flap on each page. After you read the rhyming answer to each of Panda Bear’s questions, allow your toddler to slide the flap and find the hidden animal.

Nurture bedtime as you finish the story. Associate the night sky at the end of the story with the real night sky, which means that it’s time for sleep. As your child’s day comes to a restful close, say “goodnight” to all of the animals together.

Oral Language

On another day, when your toddler is awake and alert, talk to him about the animals introduced in the picture book. Use the illustrations to show your child what the animal’s habitat might look like.  For example, you might say:

Let’s look at Macaroni Penguin – he lives where it is very, very cold! He likes the cold, wet snow – brrrrr! He’s strutting through the snow. That means he’s walking proudly! Sometimes, we walk in the snow too!

Continue to explore the world of animals with your toddler. Share other books about animals and encourage your child to point out the animals. Talk about animals that live on a farm or live in the ocean.  Help your toddler build an animal habitat using his blocks. For more fun, encourage imaginative play by pretending to be an eagle or a monkey while making funny animal sounds.

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