Author: Dorothy Kunhardt

18 to 23 Months Concept

Pat the Bunny is a classic book that has been around since 1940, creating wonderful memories for children and parents. Perhaps you remember it from your own childhood. (Judy can pat the bunny. Now YOU pat the bunny.) It is a touch-and-feel book that allows children to feel and experience a variety of textures and surprises, and provides lots of opportunities for building pre-reading skills in your toddler.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Talk about the cover. Tell your toddler that the title of the book is Pat the Bunny. Ask her to pat the bunny with her hand. 

Oral Language

Read and do. Read a page showing what Judy and Paul are doing, then encourage your toddler to do the same thing on the following page. Talk about the body part used for each activity (e.g., fingers to touch the soft bunny; nose to smell the flowers; eyes to look in the mirror). 

Oral Language

Connect to real life. As you move through the day, point out things that are soft like the bunny, scratchy like Daddy’s beard, shiny like the mirror. 

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