Author: Golden Books

12 to 17 Months Nonfiction

Your little one will enjoy this trip to the zoo and being able to touch and feel some of the animals. Use this book to help build vocabulary with the words from the text or the details in the illustrations.

Before, During and After Reading

Find a good time to read this book in an interactive way. Read the story when your child can make loud sounds or move like the animals.

Introduce the front cover of the book and talk about what you see. Talk about the name of the animal on the front cover and ask your child to “pat” the bunny’s tummy.


Encourage your child to copy the motions that each animal does during the story. For example, you might make up motions that encourage your child to act like the panda eating bamboo, to caw and flap your arms like the bird, or to hop like the frog.  

Introduce new vocabulary words. Explain or define new words like wrinkly, bumpy or sticky. Use the words when your child touches or recognizes familiar objects around the house.

Ask your child to recall the names of the zoo animals from the book. Bring out any toy zoo animals your child may have. Say the name of the animal and have your child repeat. Give a hint or clue to help your toddler remember the name. For example, you might make a sound or a movement of the animal that your toddler might recognize.

Take a field trip! Take a trip to the zoo and remind your child of the animals in the book. You might even bring the book along.  

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