Author: Rachel Isadora

12 to 17 Months Predictable Text

Join this tiny toddler to see morning from his point of view and find out who he sees as he starts his day. Beautiful illustrations give a clue, but you’ll have to turn the page to find out who he sees next.  Predictable text will get even the tiniest tot repeating peek-a-boo along with you. This book is great for illustrating a morning routine.

Before, During and After Reading

This is a good book to read in the morning when your child is first waking up. For example, as your child is waking up, use his blanket to play peek-a-boo.


Ask your child to look for familiar objects in the picture. For example, Look at this picture. Can you touch the teddy bear? Or, I see a train. Show me the train.


Play peek-a-boo throughout the day with familiar objects. Hide each object where it is easily seen, to set your toddler up for success. For example:

  • At snack time, place a bottle at eye-level and ask your toddler to find the bottle.  
  • Hide your toddler’s favorite toy, blanket or pacifier in plain sight and say, I see your blanket. Where could it be? and go on a search together.    
  • Cover your head with a blanket and see if your toddler can find you.
  • Find pop-up toys where your child has to push a button or turn a dial to make the character pop up. Say Peek-a-boo I see you! when they appear.
  • Try an at-home activity like Peek-A-Boo Letters to help with letter knowledge.

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