Author: Joe Grasso

6 to 11 Months Predictable Text

Get ready for hands-on fun with this adorable cloth children's book. Each page has a cute forest animal hiding behind a tree, leaf or even a dam. You’ll find interesting new vocabulary words like spruce and prowl, in the book's question-and-answer rhyming text. Each peek-a-boo flap makes a crinkly, fun sound, encouraging your baby to grab for it and find who’s hiding behind!

Before, During and After Reading

Cuddle with your baby on your lap and explore the book together. Gently crinkle the owl’s face on the front cover as you draw your baby’s attention to the book. Encourage your baby to touch the owl to make the sound. Ask your baby to find the owl’s eyes, his own eyes -- maybe even your eyes.

Read the words and add drama to your voice. Use the pitch of your voice to emphasize the question, add rhythm as you read and make it sound like a chant. Help your baby lift the flap on each page and give a robust peek-a-boo as you reveal the animal.

Explore things that make sounds. Give your baby a piece of safe paper that he can scrunch and make noise with, such as wrapping paper or parchment paper. Pretend to feed the paper to toy animals.

Gather a few rattles or toys your baby has that make different sounds when shaken or tapped. Make a rhyme as your baby shakes the item. For example: Who’s that shaking the noisy toy? Peek-a-boo: it’s my baby boy!    

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