Author: Mo Willems

12 to 17 Months Concept

Introduce your child to the concept of “things that go” as you read about an ambitious pigeon who dreams of driving and flying. Be prepared for a fun, surprise ending!

Before, During and After Reading

If your child has a toy bus, train, and airplane, give him a few minutes to play with them before starting the book. Spend a few minutes talking about each vehicle. Then bring out the book and read the title, The Pigeon Loves Things That Go! Ask your child, “Can your bus go? Yes! It can go down the street. Can your airplane go? Yes! It can go up in the air.”  

Read the story and take time to talk about the illustrations. As you read about one of the vehicles in the story, ask your child to point to his own toy that matches the one in the story.   

When you are walking or driving in your neighborhood, point out and talk about things that go.