Author: Pippa Goodhart

18 to 23 Months Storybooks

In this adorable story, a puppy and a little girl form a friendship that will last forever. Pudgy teaches about feeling lonely and making lifelong friends with simple text and beautiful illustrations.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Show your toddler the cover of the book and ask if he knows what kind of animal is on the cover. Explain that it is Pudgy the puppy and that Pudgy is a name of the baby dog.

Oral Language

As you read, ask your toddler to find “Lucy” and “Pudgy” on each page. Ask your child how he thinks they feel during different parts of the story and explain why they might feel sad, lonely, happy or playful. Talk about the different places Lucy and Pudgy are during the story – the house, the forest, the park or the beach.

Oral Language

Relate the book to your child’s real life experiences. Point out dogs that you see when you are outside with your toddler. Remind him of the book you read earlier about Pudgy the puppy. Talk about similarities and differences between Pudgy and the dogs you see in your neighborhood.

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