Author: Little Scholastic

Birth to 5 Months Concept

This Little Scholastic Board Book will be one to grow with your baby. The bright colors and variety of textures will encourage your baby to explore shapes through everyday objects and will be a delightful tactile experience. As you describe the shapes, textures and colors, you will introduce these descriptive words to your baby.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Look to see if your baby is calm and alert. Position your baby on your lap and explore the book together. Show him the cover of the book and talk about the shiny circles that are on the car. Allow your baby to grasp the book and explore it.

Oral Language

Gently guide your little one’s hands to touch the different shapes on each page. Talk about the texture of each shape, like the smooth and squishy square or the rough rectangle with little grooves. Bring your baby’s focus to each page by pointing to the images and talking about what you see. Allow him to explore the book freely, if interested.

Oral Language

Make connections by gathering a few toys that have different shapes and textures such as a plush ball or a small wooden block. Lay your baby on the floor on a soft blanket and allow him to touch and hold each toy. Talk about the roundness of the ball or the smooth edges of the block. Keep talking about what you see and feel as long as he is interested.

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