Author: Audrey Wood

3-Year-Olds Poetry/SongsStorybooks

Silly Sally and her friends play follow the leader on their way to town, but things change when a sheep joins them and falls asleep. Can Neddy Buttercup set things right? The rhythm and rhyme of this story will delight young children, especially three-year-olds. Be prepared to read this preschool book again and again!

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Help your child make connections to the book. Show your child the cover of Silly Sally. You might say:  Let’s look at Silly Sally. She really does look silly. She looks like she might be upside down. What do you do that is silly?

Letter Knowledge

Be “Silly Searchers” and search for the letter “S” on the pages as you read. Touch the letter S in the title of the story and say, I see the letter “S” in Silly Sally. Can you be a “Silly Searcher” and help me spot the letter S? Provide silly sunglasses to help your child search for the letter “S” as you read the story.  


Phonological Awareness

As you read, bring attention to rhyming words. Choose two rhyming words from the story. Repeat the words three times, and then have your child say them with you. Repeating the words in this way will help your child listen for and hear the rhyme.

If your child enjoys the rhymes in the book, check out the activity Fun Rhyming With Books. Or, look for other rhyming books for three-year-olds, including Llama Llama Red Pajama, Down by the Bay, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site or Chicky Chicky Chook Chook.

Beginning Writing

Use time outside to develop writing skills. Create a “Silly Sally Portrait” on the sidewalk, patio or other concrete space. Show your child how to trace the outline of a doll. Next, turn the doll upside down and have your child trace the outline of the doll. Your child can add hair, eyes, and clothing to make her own version of “Silly Sally.”  

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