Author: Anne Wilkinson

Birth to 5 Months Concept

This fun fabric book is bursting with arctic animal tails that are waiting to be explored by precious little hands. Baby can enjoy touching the crinkly, soft, fluffy and silky fabrics as you pair each animal name with a description of its tail.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

As you cuddle with your baby at naptime or bedtime, allow him to explore the fabric book and become accustomed to the crinkle noise of the pages. Look for signs that he hears the crinkles like head turning, smiling, eyes widening or cooing. Point to the animal faces on the front of the book and name the animals. You might say:

Let’s look at the animals. I see a polar bear, a snow leopard, a rabbit, a penguin, an owl, a fox, a seal and a whale! Let’s find their tails!

Oral Language

As you read each tail description, help baby touch and feel the corresponding tail that is extended from the picture. For example, say:

Glossy tail – Penguin has a glossy tail. Here is Penguin’s tail! It feels (and/or looks) glossy!

Continue reading and help your baby explore the different textures of the fabric tails as you describe each animal. At first, your baby may only be interested in the sensation of feeling the textures of the animal tails. During later months in this stage of development, he will begin to see colors more clearly and will enjoy hearing you talk about the color of each animal and their extended tails. Continue to explore the book until your baby shows signs of restlessness or sleepiness.

Oral Language

Provide opportunities for baby to explore this fun, touch-and-feel book independently during tummy-time activity or while he is in his stroller. The book is even equipped with a Velcro loop that can be attached to any stroller or car seat, allowing baby to enjoy his book on the go!

If you have pets, talk about your pet’s tail when baby has focused his attention on your pet. You might say:

Here’s pet’s name. Pet’s name is our doggie! He has a fluffy tail, too! See? We are gentle with pet’s name’s tail.    


Try reading Fuzzy Bee and Friendsanother soft book with lots of textures for your baby to experience. Or, find an easy at-home activity designed to build pre-reading skills in your baby.