Author: Fiona Watts

6 to 11 Months Predictable Text

Your baby will love holding, touching and exploring this book! The simple and repetitive text comes to life with bright, large pictures. That’s Not My Piglet… offers a sensory experience on each page, with smooth, bumpy or soft textures for your baby to touch. This is a fun book to read again and again.

Before, During and After Reading

Introduce one or two textures that are featured in the book. You might touch your baby’s cheek and say “Your cheek is so smooth.” Run your finger across her toes and say, “Your toes are bumpy.” Guide her to touch her cheek and her toes so she can compare them.

Encourage your baby to touch the textures as you describe them. As you read the story, allow your baby time to look at and touch each picture. Describe the textures as she touches them. When you reach the last page, use an enthusiastic voice as you read the words, That’s my piglet!

Draw attention to textures in your home. Your baby is learning by using her five senses, including her sense of touch. Introduce different textures to your baby and use words to describe them. You might describe a smooth table, rough carpet, a bumpy toy, etc. Even though your baby will not yet understand the words, you are exposing her to rich vocabulary that is part of everyday life.

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