Author: Karen Katz

12 to 17 Months Poetry/Songs

Join the cute little driver and a diverse group of passengers on a bus ride all over town. You can try to read the words, but will find yourself singing along to this well-loved song.

Before, During and After Reading

Before reading the story, sing the song without the book. Introduce the motions that go with the words.  

For example:

Roll one hand over the other when singing “round and round.”
Spread arms out wide and bring back together with a clap when singing “open and close.”
Make a fist with thumbs up and motion over your shoulder when singing “move on back.”


As you turn the pages of the book and sing the song, ask your child to find and touch a specific part of the bus. You might say: Can you find the wheels on the bus in this picture? Remember to respond and name any picture your child may point to.

Repeat the actions for each part of the song as you go through the pages in the book. You might say: What do the wheels do? What do the doors do?


Connect the book to your child’s real life. For example, when riding in a vehicle, bring attention to the doors, wipers, windows. Or point out a bus and sing the song!

Try other singing activities with your one-year-old, like Animal Sing AlongShake Shake Shake, or Songs on the Move.