Author: Bernard Most

3-Year-Olds Storybooks

This heartwarming and silly book uses barnyard animals to tell a story about accepting others.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge

Help create a successful reader and writer with simple letter activities. As you read the title and introduce the author and illustrator of the book, explore the uppercase and lowercase printed letter O on the front and back cover of the book. Encourage your child to search for more uppercase and lowercase O’s throughout the pages of the book. Each time she locates the letter O, ask her to touch and trace the letter shape.

Phonological Awareness

As you read, bring the story to life! Change your voice to reflect the sounds of the animals on the farm. Ask your child if she can identify which animal you are imitating. You might say:

Which animal makes this sound…gobble gobble? That’s right! A turkey says gobble.

Once she is able to identify an animal, encourage her to play with the parts or syllables in the word.  You might say:

How many syllables do you hear in tur…key? That’s right! You heard two syllables.

Oral Language

Once you’ve read the book together, ask your child to refer to the pages in the book as she retells the story. Be sure to support her comprehension of the story and guide her as she recalls the sequence of events: beginning, middle and ending. Your child may choose to act out the story instead, including animal movements, sounds and props. Have fun with her!

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