Author: Ian Whybrow

3-Year-Olds Predictable Text

Will this sleepy boy ever get to bed? Read along as the main character journeys through the farm — meeting some interesting and noisy friends along the way. The author’s use of predictable text and rhyming verses will build your child’s excitement about reading and help develop beginning reading skills.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Build your child’s excitement by allowing her to explore the illustrations on each page of the book. Give her a magnifying glass and ask her to search for clues in the pictures, the way a detective would. Encourage her to talk about the illustrations and make predictions about what she will see in the story. You might say:

Which animals do you think we will see in this story?

What do you think the story will be about?

Why do you think that will happen?

Oral Language

The author’s use of predictable text will help your child to read along. As you read each repetitive phrase, pause and allow her to fill in a word or words.

You might say:

Hey! That’s not what I meant to __(say)__.  Well, you can come _ (along)__.

Including your child in the shared reading of a book is a great strategy for a successful read-aloud session. 

Letter Knowledge

Once you've read the story, turn your focus to another important early literacy skill: Letter Knowledge. Since your child is beginning to recognize the letters of her first name, allow her to search for her special letter or letters. Begin with the front cover, move through each page, and complete the search on the back cover. As you search together, bring attention to the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

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