Author: Illustrated by Terri Super

12 to 17 Months Poetry/Songs

Need a refresher on popular nursery rhymes and finger plays?  This is the board book for you! Colorful illustrations accompany rhymes, games and finger plays that will soon have your toddler singing and playing along.

Before, During and After Reading

Phonological Awareness

Before beginning the story, take time to do the Pat-A-Cake chant with your toddler. Tell her that the name of this book is The Pudgy Pat-A-Cake Book. Turn to the first page and point out that the mommy bear and her baby are playing Pat-A-Cake, just like you did!    

Oral Language and Phonological Awareness

Take time to act out some of the rhymes, games and finger plays as you go along. Your toddler will love tumbling down at the end of Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses and turning around and touching the ground as a teddy bear! 

Oral Language and Phonological Awareness

Pay attention to the songs and rhymes that are your child’s favorites. Repeat them often during everyday routines like bath time, meal time, and diaper changing time. 

Beginning Writing

As your toddler practices the intricate finger movements to finger plays like The Eensie-Weensie Spider, she‘s developing fine motor skills that she’ll need when she begins to write. 

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