Author: Steve Metzger

3-Year-Olds Predictable Text

This is a great book for any child who enjoys trucks, machines, and construction projects. Your budding reader will be happy to join in and sing along with the rhythmic melody and predictable text.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral language

Create book appreciation and enjoyment for reading by taking a picture walk before you begin reading.  During a picture walk, turn to each page in the book and ask your child to describe what he sees. Introduce unfamiliar vehicles and machines like the bulldozer, backhoe and forklift.

Phonological Awareness

As you introduce each new word, help your child identify the number of syllables. For example, you might say:

Listen as I say this word slowly. Bull…do…zer.

Can you say it slowly?

Listen as I clap it slowly.  Bull (clap)…do (clap)…zer (clap)!

How many times did I clap? Yes, I clapped three times because bulldozer has three parts or syllables.

Repeat with a variety of words. Try including other motions such as snapping, hopping or tapping.

Oral Language

Encourage your child to sing along with the repetitive verses while adding movements. Ask him to create different actions for each of the machines.

Beginning Writing

By the end of the story, a house is built and ready for move-in. Build your child’s beginning writing skills by encouraging him to draw a picture of his home. Provide a variety of writing tools and writing paper and allow him to express himself through drawing and writing. Remember to support him with praise and accept anything he produces.

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