Author: Selby B. Beeler

5-Year-Olds Nonfiction

Losing a tooth is a big deal for most children, and those kids know exactly what to do with their lost teeth. But they probably haven’t thought about what other children around the world do when they lose their teeth. This book allows children and parents to explore customs from around the world.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

After reading the title of the story to your child, discuss what happened (if she has already lost a tooth) or what will happen (if she has not lost a tooth). If you have memories of what you did with your teeth as a child, you can share them. After your discussion, reread the title again to your child and ask her if she knows what the word “traditions” means. If not, give a definition of the word.

Oral Language

Discuss similarities and differences. As you read about customs from around the world, talk with your child about the similarities and differences compared with the customs you have in your family.  

Phonological Awareness

Listen for the letter sound. After you have read the full story and discussed the traditions from around the world, you can add other activities to your readings. When you reread, ask your child to tell you what sound she hears at the beginning of the word “tooth.” Ask your child if it is the same sound she hears at the beginning of the word “teeth.” Finally, ask your child what letter makes the sound at the beginning of those words. Invite your child to listen for the /t/ sound throughout the book. Each time you read a word that has the same beginning sound as tooth and teeth, have your child touch her teeth with her finger and make the sound /t/ /t/ /t/.

Beginning Writing and Letter Knowledge

Once you have read the story, ask your child to tell you which tradition she liked the best. Help your child find the country and description in the book. Read the name of the country to your child. You can even look up the location on a map. Ask your child to draw a picture of the customs children in that country follow when they lose a tooth and to draw a picture of what customs she will follow in your home. Once the two pictures are drawn, encourage your child to label the countries for the appropriate pictures. 

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