Author: Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt

18 to 23 Months Predictable Text

What could be better than getting tucked in your cozy bed at night with a fun bedtime story? This adorable, interactive book with predictable text lets your toddler learn about and tuck in different baby animals -- it's a perfect way to get him ready for bed!

Before, During and After Reading

This is a perfect book to read while getting ready for bed, so get your toddler cozy.

Oral Language

The cover of the book is vividly colored and textured – let your toddler look at, feel and talk about it. You might say:

Look at that baby zebra! Where is the baby zebra? Is he resting in a bed like you? What does his blanket feel like? Is it bumpy?

This book contains predictable text, making it easy and fun for your toddler to follow along. Use your finger to follow the words on each page, allowing him to see which words you are reading.

Be enthusiastic about tucking in the baby animals, giving each animal a different voice as they say “I do!” when asked, “Who else needs to be tucked in?”

Oral Language

Ask your toddler if he knows the name of each of the baby animals. Let him try to “tuck the animal in” by turning the page.

Point out parts of the animals that make them unique. For example, you might say:

Look at that baby zebra. Zebras look like horses, but they have black and white stripes.

That is a cute baby hedgehog! Hedgehogs have pointy quills that can stick you if they get scared!

What a beautiful baby peacock! Peacocks are birds with blue, green and purple feathers.


Oral Language

The story ends with your toddler’s turn to be tucked in. Continue the story with stuffed animals he likes to sleep next to, tucking them in the same way the baby animals are in the book.

Who else needs to be tucked in? Your teddy bear needs to be tucked in!

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