Author: David Wiesner

5-Year-Olds Storybooks

This is an award-winning wordless book that takes the reader on an imaginative and whimsical adventure through the night. The stunning illustrations are sure to delight your child -- you won't even miss the words.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Study the illustrations on the cover and ask your child for her predictions on what the story might be about. Tell her that this is a very special book – a wordless book (actually a book with very few words). Let her know that the two of you will create your own story by looking at the illustrations.  

Oral Language

Use your imagination as you create a story around the whimsical images in the book. You might alternate pages with your child. Ask your child to look for clues in the book that tell her what time of day it is. Notice details in the illustrations, not just the limited printed text.

Use illustrations to answer questions. Look at the page that shows the town in the morning. Ask your child questions like:

  • Why are the people puzzled?
  • What evidence do they have that something strange happened during the night?
  • What do you think might happen on that next Tuesday night?
  • What makes you think so?

Beginning Writing

Write a sequel to the story. The last page shows some new characters entering the story; a new adventure is about to start with some pigs. Ask your child to draw a picture showing an adventure that the pigs might experience during the night.  

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