Author: Michael Garland

12 to 17 Months Storybooks

This book shows how a little boat can do big and powerful jobs! You and your child can join the captain and crew aboard this busy red tugboat.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Talk about the colorful illustration on the cover of the book. Tell your child that the name of the book is Tugboat and that the book will be about the many jobs of a tugboat. Talk about any experiences your child may have had with boats, like riding on a boat or watching boats from the shoreline.

Oral Language

As you read each page, take time to talk about the details in the beautiful illustrations. Involve your toddler as you read. For example:

The tugboat is pulling a heavy barge. Show me how you pull your wagon.

The tugboat is pushing the great big ocean liner. Can you show me how you push your big truck?

Tugboats pull tall ships. Make yourself as tall as you can!

Oral Language

When your child takes a bath, provide objects that float and sink. Make connections to the floating tugboat.

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