Author: Ann Hodgman

12 to 17 Months Predictable Text

When Daddy serves his little girl her milk and she accidentally drops it, Uh-oh! Oh-no!, what will happen next? Add drama to your voice as you read this story and your little one will certainly start to repeat the words. This book includes great pictures for vocabulary building, but be prepared: your child may want to see what happens if she drops her milk! Uh-oh! Oh-no!

Before, During and After Reading

Read this story after your toddler has finished breakfast. Look at the front cover of the book and talk about how this book relates to your child’s own breakfast routine.  


Let your child finish the sentence. After reading a few pages, see if your child will finish the “Uh-oh, oh-no!” sentence by leaving the last word off. You might say: Uh-oh, oh-___! and then pause and see what sounds your toddler makes. She may try to say the word “no,” repeat a part of the phrase or use the same voice expressions that you do as she tries to make the sounds.

Touch the picture and ask your toddler to help you tell the story. For example, you might say: Look at this picture. Show me who the milk splashed on. That’s right! The milk splashed on the cat!

As you read the story, act out the actions and encourage your child to do the same. For example, when the cat is sleeping, close your eyes and snore; when the baby is clapping, clap your hands together.

Play the “Uh-oh, oh-no!” game and see if your toddler can predict what happens next. Gather a few small toys and a container. Hold a toy over the container and show your child how to drop it. As you drop each toy into the container, say with expression, Uh-oh, oh-no! See if your child will do it too.

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