Author: Stefan Page

6 to 11 Months ConceptNonfiction

You and your baby can take a visual trip to the farmers' market, see people at their booths, choose fresh produce and then view a table setting back at home.

This sturdy board book is visually appealing, with vivid art illustrations of the food and sights of an outdoor market. The enlarged pictures are set against bold, dark backgrounds, like red and brown. The story text is small, so that the pictures help tell the story to young eyes.

Before, During and After Reading

Let your baby help turn the pages. Position your baby comfortably in your lap. The pages of this board book are thick and sturdy, so encourage your baby to touch and hold the book with you. He may even want to help turn the pages.

Touch and identify the food items in the story to your baby. Listen and look for your baby’s responses (noises, hand flapping, kicking) to the pictures and the sound of your voice. Keep the book close enough so baby can touch and pat the pictures.

You can visit your own local farmers' market with your baby. Talk to your baby about the food you are buying and just enjoy being outdoors together.

On the next trip to the grocery store, talk to your baby as you shop. Let your baby touch or hold items you are buying that are safe to explore, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.  

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