Author: Karen Katz

6 to 11 Months ConceptPredictable Text

Your baby will enjoy discovering the items under the flaps of this book. From tickles to cuddles and more, each flap hides a picture of a familiar item your baby might encounter during bath time, dinner and bed time.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Gather some of your baby’s favorite treasures. Talk with him about why he loves them.

You might say:

You love your blanket because it’s soft and cuddly. You love your teddy bear because he makes you feel safe.

Oral Language

As you read, pause and ask your baby questions about what she thinks is under the flaps.  Model the answers to build vocabulary.  You might say:

  • Why do you think the baby is laughing? The baby is laughing because of Mommy’s tickles!
  • What toy is under the flap? The baby has a toy drum.
  • What makes a barking sound, woof, woof? The puppy says woof, woof.
  • What do you think the baby is going to eat? The baby loves delicious blueberries.

Act out parts of the story, such as tickling your child, petting the dog, blowing bubbles, etc.


Beginning Writing

Have your baby help lift the flaps of the book. This will help him develop fine motor skills like the pincer grasp (thumb to pointer finger), that are very important for beginning writing

Phonological Awareness

Sing the “I love you” song:

I love you. You love me

We’re a happy family

With a great big hug and kiss from me to you

Won’t you say you love me too?

Repeat the lyrics as long as your child is interested.

Letter Knowledge

Try the Move to the Beat activity – like the baby in the story, invite your baby to tap on a drum, box or kitchen pot while singing together.

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