Author: Lucy Cousins

12 to 17 Months6 to 11 Months Predictable Text

This board book for young children uses repetitive phrases, asking where Maisy is hiding. Each page contains flaps that open to reveal the answer to the question. Bold print and colorful, simple images attract children’s attention, and opening the flaps builds fine motor coordination that helps to develop writing and book handling skills later. This book is also useful for teaching shapes.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge (Print Awareness)

Take a picture walk. Explore each page of the book as you and your child explore the shapes in the illustrations.

You might say: I see Maisy the mouse. I wonder what shapes she will see in this book. Let’s look!

I see a colorful house. Do you see a triangle? Look at the roof (as you point to the roof).

Look at the boat. The sail looks like the moon.

I see a square barn. I wonder who lives in the square barn.

Beginning Writing

To prepare your child for beginning writing, strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. As you read the story, encourage your child to open or lift the flaps on each page.

Oral Language

As your child opens or lifts the flaps, introduce the animals that are hiding.

You might say: Is Maisy on the boat? Oops! Not here! Alligator is on the boat.

Phonological Awareness

Allow your child to play with words and sound patterns in words. After reading the story, try this interactive game using some common household objects or toys.

(place an object or toy on a chair, covered with a blanket)

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?

(reveal the covered object or toy)

Look who’s sitting in the chair!

It’s (Name of object or toy)!