Author: Eric Hill

Birth to 5 Months Concept

During this phase of your baby's development, infant eyes begin to distinguish colors. Babies prefers simple pictures. This recommended board book version from Eric Hill’s adventures of Spot the puppy will entertain your little one. Each page contains a brightly colored object that will attract your baby’s attention. As you lift the flap on each page, your baby will love to share in the search for Spot the puppy!

Before, During and After Reading

Look for signals that your baby is calm and alert. Position him on your lap and hold the chunky board book approximately 10 to 12 inches from his face. Introduce the story by telling him that you are going on an adventure to look for Spot, the puppy dog.

Ask your baby, “Where’s Spot?” As you read each page, help him focus on the brightly colored object that is pictured by touching it. Lift the flap to discover who is hiding in the pictured object. Name and talk about the animal that is hiding. 

For example, ask, Where’s Spot? Is he in the closet? Let’s look and see! Open the flaps on the pictured closet doors and say, No! A monkey is in the closet! He’s eating a banana! Your baby will love to hear the excitement and surprise in your voice as you read along and look for Spot.

Always watch for clues from your baby's behavior that tell you when he is ready to stop the activity. 

Create opportunities to talk to your baby about pets throughout your day. Take him on an adventure and look for your pet in your home or a neighbor’s pet outside. You can also hide a toy stuffed animal and help him search for the “pet.” Be sure to name and talk about all of the objects you discover along your adventure together!

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