Author: Tana Hoban

Birth to 5 Months Concept

At this stage, infant eyes focus easy on simple, high-contrast images. This wordless board book has an easily recognizable illustration on each page, such as apple or a duck. The white shapes contrasted against the black background will help grab your baby’s attention.

Before, During and After Reading

Look for signs that your baby is alert and calm. Position your baby comfortably on the floor or on your lap. This small book can be propped up as a focus for tummy time as well.


Touch each picture and talk to your baby about it. It can be as simple as “duck” or “This is a duck.” By doing this, you are building a connection between the words you say and the pictures that baby sees.

Continue to identify objects for your baby as you go through your daily routine. Look and listen for your baby to respond to your words.


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