Author: Jabari Asim

6 to 11 Months Concept

The text in this book is large, and the story has a rhyming pattern as a child is asked the title question. The dark, colorful illustrations look like paintings, and the featured body part is the main focus. Throughout the story, you will see just a pair of knees and sneakers until the very end, where the whole child, a boy, is revealed.

Before, During and After Reading

Touch your baby’s knees and your knees and talk about them. Touch the knees on the cover of the book while naming what they are and touching your baby’s knees.

Touch the pictures in the story and relate them to your child. You can touch other pictures, such as “shoes,” and name them for your baby as you read the story. Show your child the picture of shoes and then touch your baby’s shoes and label them. Listen and look for your baby’s responses (noises, hand flapping, kicking) to the sound of your voice.

Play games using your baby’s knees. During floor play time, place your baby comfortably on a blanket on his back and gently exercise his knees and legs. Repeat phrases from the book, such as “Whose knees are these?” while you play.

Play games that identify other body parts. While sitting with your baby, touch and name other body parts, such as legs, arms and tummy. Sing the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

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