In this game, you can use names of favorite people, pets or things to introduce the idea that the words we say are made up of different parts.

In this game, you will combine a two-year-old’s love of games and their natural curiosity into a sneaky game that develops an attention to language.

At about two years old, children begin to notice the different shapes, lines and circles that appear in printed materials. Create a Hall of Shapes to help your child notice the features of print.

Developing language is something that happens every day. In this game, your child can practice simple oral language skills.

Some two-year-olds may not show interest in drawing, but love to take the marker lids off and try to put them back on. Allow your child to explore markers and writing this way!

You can foster the development of your baby’s hand grasp by placing an infant rattle or soft toy in the palm of her hand and letting her close her fingers around the object.