The grocery store is a great place to develop vocabulary and practice oral language skills. The next time you’re shopping, stop by the produce department and explore the fruits and vegetables.

Fun, interactive songs will help your baby develop language comprehension as she learns to associate key words with people, objects and events in her daily life.

This activity will give you an opportunity to talk to your baby about the concept of closing or opening an item or body part, as well as different cause and effect concepts.

Use your “Pointer Pal” to encourage your toddler to label objects that you touch. See how many common household items your little one can name.

This multisensory experience will get your toddler touching and looking, hearing and speaking, up and moving!

It’s never too early to begin reading with your baby. When you read together, you help your baby to learn and to love books!

Here‘s an activity you can do to help your baby learn to grasp objects with her hands – it’s a skill she’ll need to hold pencils and crayons later.

This activity combines family tradition and culture with brief communication interactions that are invaluable for developing the foundations of language and literacy.

One of the first words your baby will understand is her name. Help your baby make important sound connections by providing opportunities for her to hear and see her name.

Take advantage of your child’s interest in grabbing items and putting them into containers to help develop the fine motor skills he will need for future writing.