This easy listening game takes no prep time and can be played anywhere and any time you have a few minutes to spare.

In this activity you can talk to your baby about shapes, and the best part is your baby will get to eat his super-tasty shape!

Although your baby is brand new to the world, he needs to listen to sounds in order to learn how to produce the sounds of our language and say his first word!

Here’s a game that can be done anywhere and any time you have a few minutes to spare. It’s a simple way to help your child recognize facial expressions and to talk about feelings and emotions.

By this age, your toddler may enjoy listening to an alphabet song and singing along. This quick and simple activity will help to bring your toddler’s attention to printed letters in his environment.

Exposing your baby to new textures helps to develop gross and fine motor skills. This exciting sensory activity will engage your baby in a world of exploration and amazement.

Your child is sure to enjoy this tactile experience of peeling off and sticking on – and he’ll be working on his fine motor skills too.

The next time you are working in the yard or planting a plant, give your child a chance to help out while asking questions, introducing new words and inviting him to solve problems.

Experts agree that sound play may help pave the foundation for later developing phonological skills, which are important for learning how to read. Your baby will be excited to share this activity of imitating environmental sounds!

Many toddlers begin to explore with a pencil or crayon between 18 and 24 months. If your toddler shows an interest, you can provide crayons, a suitable writing surface, and a safe place to scribble.