In order to be able to play word games, children need to hear the sounds that make up a word. Playing with the sounds in words can help your child understand that words are made up of smaller units of sound.

Some children need many repetitions before they really know letter names and sounds without hesitation. Making activities fun and novel will help children learn without feeling like they are being drilled. In this entertaining activity, your child will use ping-pong balls to reinforce letter knowledge.

Your child’s name is very special and is a great place to start teaching letters of the alphabet. Your child will enjoy singing the song, the “Letters on the Bus,” while holding an index card with one letter of her name.

Before a young child can differentiate between the various sounds in words, he must first be able to recognize similar sounds in the environment and notice when sounds differ. This game will help your toddler develop his budding listening and sound discrimination skills.

Your child at this stage of beginning writing may be starting to favor the use of one hand. When offered markers or crayons, your toddler can begin to scribble or make marks, which will eventually turn into letters.

Playing with shapes prepares your baby for future letter learning. Discovering and exploring curves, lines, sticks and corners will pave the way for eventually recognizing and remembering letter shapes.

Children at this age can begin to copy a circle, cut on a line and make horizontal strokes. The strokes of a paintbrush are effective and fun for your child at this stage of development. This activity gives your child some painting fun.