Why These Books?

The following books have been carefully selected by the Nemours BrightStart! early literacy specialists based on a number of characteristics such as:

  • appropriateness for the age level
  • quality of literature and appealing illustrations
  • variety in genre
  • appeal of the story or subject matter
  • selection of well-known and less-known authors
  • literary awards earned, such as the Caldecott Award

These books provide opportunities to teach children the four skills shown to predict reading success:

Keep your child excited about reading by checking back for new book lists and trying the suggested activities with other books your child enjoys.


October's Featured Books

Baby Loves Fall!

12 to 17 Months Concept

Bright pictures and simple text offer fun opportunities to identify fall colors, count objects and build your child’s vocabulary. The flaps to lift on each page will engage your toddler and keep him turning the pages to find what more there is to discover.

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Counting in the Garden

18 to 23 Months Concept

Interactive toddler books like "Counting in the Garden" encourage your toddler to find and count the different plants and creatures in the garden, and introduce descriptive words for him to learn.

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Flip, Flap, Fly!

18 to 23 Months Poetry/Songs

Your toddler will enjoy listening to predictable rhymes as she meets the baby animals in this delightful book! She's sure to love going on exciting adventures as she flies, swims and wiggles along with the animals and their babies.

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3-Year-Olds Storybooks

Dig! is the perfect book for any construction enthusiast. Your child is invited to follow Mr. Rally and his dog, Lightening, as they enjoy a busy day of digging. The descriptive illustrations and repetitive text will make it easy for him to read along.

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Take Away the A

5-Year-Olds Concept

In "Take Away the A," the authors use clever illustrations to demonstrate the removal of letters and sounds from words -- creating completely new words with new meanings. Use this book to play with words and sounds to strengthen your child’s pre-reading skills.

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Chu's First Day of School

5-Year-Olds Storybooks

Chu, a lovable little panda with a big sneeze, is the star of this series of books written by award-winning author Neil Gaiman. In this book, Chu worries about his first day of school, but soon learns that it's a warm and accepting place.

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Leo the Late Bloomer

4-Year-Olds Storybooks

Unlike his animal friends, Leo is not very good at reading, writing, or even drawing! While his father is concerned about Leo’s progress, his mother believes that Leo will bloom when he’s ready. Help develop your preschooler's beginning reading skills as you read about Leo's journey together.

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Garden Friends

4-Year-Olds Nonfiction

To encourage beginning reading skills, talk with your child about his own life experiences and encourage him to explore his own back yard through drawing or writing. Use the names of these creepy crawly friends to practice phonological skills and play letter knowledge games.

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