Girls Holding HandsReading BrightStart!'s mission is to promote reading success and prevent reading failure for all children, focusing on birth to age 8. Through innovative programs, research, advocacy and partnerships, we design and implement unique and highly effective tools and training that consistently yield life-changing results.

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Nemours Foundation links children’s health with reading and funds Reading BrightStart!'s program.

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Begun in 2005, Reading BrightStart! is a manifestation of Nemours’ understanding that child health and reading skill are closely linked, and that reading failure is a major child health issue. It is one example of Nemours’ commitment to healthy growth for the whole child and for children everywhere.

Reading BrightStart!'s experts designed and tested teaching activities for struggling young learners and proved they were effective through research.

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Early Childhood Educators Trained in curriculum implementation
and early childhood professional development courses.


Number of children served with Reading BrightStart!'s tools, resources and services.

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Reading BrightStart!’s programs and tools have reached thousands of children in schools, child care centers and other community settings. We continually develop new products for teachers, parents and health professionals to help young children start out on the road to reading success.